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Edmonds Marshall deals with most types of legal work, including rural, commercial and residential conveyancing, wills, estates, trusts, employment law and family law.

We hope you find the articles and resources on this page  both useful and interesting. If you would like to talk further about any of the topics explored in these e-newsletters, or on any property matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fineprint, Summer 2023

Fineprint, Winter 2024

Fineprint, Autumn 2024

Commercial eSpeaking, Summer 2024

Rural eSpeaking, Summer 2023

Property Speaking, Spring 2023

Commercial eSpeaking, Spring 2023

Trust eSpeaking, Spring 2023

Rural eSpeaking, Winter 2023

Property Speaking, Winter 2024

Commercial eSpeaking, Winter 2024

Trust eSpeaking, Autumn 2024

Property Speaking Autumn 2024

Rural eSpeaking, Autumn 2024